A New Spin On Your Classic Oatmeal

March 25, 2018

Cheers to the weekend everyone! This week I will be sharing with you a new recipe to shakeup you classic oatmeal. 

Oatmeal is a great, and healthy option for breakfast! It is full of fiber, protein, low in sugar, and will supply you with the energy you need to get your day going. (If you don't want sugar, be sure to check the label because many oatmeal distributors sneak added sugars in.)


One of my favorite brands of oatmeal is Better Oats (Click here to buy Better Oats!)Better Oats has an instant steel cut version with flax seeds that I absolutely love and used for this recipe! What makes this oatmeal recipe so special is that it has zucchini in it! I promise, you can’t even taste that you are getting a healthy dose of this good-for-you veggie. Also, in my opinion, the zucchini makes your oatmeal even creamier and tastier. It’s another great way to incorporate a veggie into your breakfast, as compared to adding them to your morning egg (or tofu) scramble. Check it out and as always tell me what you think! Bon Appetite!


-one small-medium zucchini (grated)

-one packet Better Oats instant oatmeal with flax (or any other oatmeal that you prefer)


-optional: any toppings you like! I added banana on top of mine. 


How to do it:

-bring your water to a boil

-add the zucchini, then the oats and stir 

-follow the direction times on your oatmeal’s instructions (I reduced mine to a simmer and stirred frequently for 5min.)

-remove from heat, and put into bowl of choice

-let sit for 1-2 minutes

-add toppings of choice

And that’s it- Super easy, healthy, and a creative way to mix up your average oatmeal! You can top this with so many different things. I added banana to mine, but you can add honey, peanut butter, other fruits, or keep it savory with a pinch of Himalayan pink salt. What ever floats your boat ;) Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!!


-AA xo


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