It's In The Bag: Model Edition

March 21, 2018

You can tell a lot about a women just by seeing what’s in her purse… Have you ever wondered what is in a person's bag? As a model, I have to be ready for anything, and when castings come up last minute, or bookings run long, I can guarantee you that you will find the following items in my bag. These are a lot of my favorite products which I live by, and use on a daily basis. I hope this weeks post helps you to feel more prepared, put together, and ready for what ever life may throw your way!


My current bag is a yellow Raph Lauren purse. It’s not too big, and not too small for my life right now, and has just the right amount of pockets!

1. A Pair of Shades

I carry a pair of shades with me and these are my new favorites from Anthropologie. I’m in love with the chunky yellow frame, and these shades have such a happy, Spring-y vibe.


2. Wallet

I think we can all agree that the perfect wallet is a must! My wallet was a sweet gift from my mom. It is just the perfect size to fit a little bit of cash, most of my credit cards, and my business cards.


3. Hand Sani

It’s still flu-season people! I always have hand sanitizer with me, and I’m that “mom” of the group nagging people to use hand sanitizer before they eat. haha! 


4. Hand Cream

The elements can be really harsh on my skin… so I highly recommend keeping a small tube of hand lotion to keep your skin moisturized. I’m currently using “Lanolin Lano” lemon intensive cream. I love how moisturizing it feels, and it smells subtly sweet, like a summer lemonade stand!

 5. iPhone charger

I never leave the house with out my Ban.Do iPhone charger. Being on the go, and working from my phone as much as I do, my phone loses its charge SO fast. I would be lost if I didn’t constantly carry a charger with me. 


6. Snacks

I am a strong advocate of carrying your own snacks with you. This way, you are never stranded with out food, and if there is no food on set, or nothing you want, BOOM, you've got the goods! I always throw a washed honey crisp apple in my purse before I leave just incase I need a quick and healthy snack, and I also carry RX bars, KIND bars, and almond butter snack packets. These will supply you with healthy protein, and can be made into a tasty make-shift lunch in a pinch!

 7. Cosmetic-Bag

You never know when you might need a touch up! I keep this mini-cat bag in purse with a few of my essentials: a favorite mascara, RMS Beauty highlighter and concealer, and a Lorac lipstick. 

8. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

I have noticed that almost EVERY SINGLE makeup artist seems to have this Lucas' Papaw Ointment as an essential in their tool kit. This product comes from Australia and can be used for so many different things! I use it mainly for my lips, and occasionally my cuticles. It is extremely moisturizing and is odorless and colorless, so it can be layered well with other lipsticks and glosses.

9. Lucky Charms

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t carry a box of cereal around with me…Instead, I am talking about a few treasured, sentimental items. Now, I’m not an extremely superstitious person, but I do keep these three items with me at all times in my purse. The first one is my grandmother's Scapular which she gave to me as a gift before my first big trip to NYC for fashion week. The second, is a charm my mother gave to me as a gift before my first trip to NYC with out her. Both of these items I keep with me, especially when I travel, and makes me feel safe, and close to the ones I love. Lastly, when I travelled to Europe last summer with my family, our tour guide in Klaipeda, Lithuania gave my brothers and me this little gold colored frog with a piece of amber attached to it. It is said to be a good luck token in Lithuanian culture, and if you keep it in your wallet, it will supposedly bring you lots of money! 


10. Altoid box

I keep a little box of altoids in my bag because you never know when you may need a refresher, or if there is someone next to you with some serious morning breath! I also like to keep a few tablets of some basic meds with me such as: Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl, and Pepcid just in case of an emergency.


11. Hair Ties and Pins

I’m pretty sure that even though I didn’t consciously put them in there, there are always a few spare hair ties and pins rolling around in the bottom of my bag!


12. Pens and Pencils

Another pro tip for flu season: have your own pens and pencils on hand! This way you won’t be forced to touch a writing utensil that everyone else has already come in contact with. Plus, when I bring school or work on set with me, it’s always nice to have my favorite writing utensils handy (I feel like it makes doing school and work a teensy bit more fun if you have cute writing utensils you like!!)


13. Earbuds

Having earbuds has saved me from boredom soooo many times! This way I’m able to watch a little bit of Netflix, or listen to my music if I have some down time, and not disturb anyone else. 


All these items are helpful to have on hand, and save me over and over again! Let me know what your purse must haves are, and if you found these tips helpful! 

-AA xoxo


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