The Secret Society of Ex-Mermaids {NYFW FW18}

February 14, 2018


This fashion week I had the honor of walking for The Secret Society of Ex-Mermaids. This brand is designed by Francki Michels and made in NYC. 


Designer, Francki Michels and Anneliese Aeria:

Francki and her talented sidekick and seamstress, Megan O'Cain, are both Parsons School of Design Alumni's. The Parsons connection is especially meaningful to me since my grandmother studied fashion illustration there many years ago. That being said, before I even worked with Francki and the Ex-Mermaid team, I already felt a kindred connection. The style and vibe of Ex-Mermaid can only be described by me as whimsical, fun, and every little girls child hood dream of becoming a mermaid, all grown up with an edge of power and confidence. 


Anneliese Aeria and Megan O’Cain:

The show was in a beautifully lit ballroom at the Stewart Hotel, with grand chandeliers and a clean white runway. Moments before the show, all the models were backstage with the staff and just dancing to the music while we waited for show time! The environment was so fun, the backstage staff was extremely kind, and we all just smiled back stage as finishing touches were made, and bobbed our heads to the beat of the music.


This years Fall/Winter Collection Show was entitled, "Buck Up, Butter Cup: A Valentine". Already, I loved the name, and my look from the show had those very words written across my chest in bright, bold yellow letters. From the hair and makeup, to the details of the clothing, to even the run of the show, the collection was executed perfectly! 

 The hair was styled by the talented Ted Gibson. Quite frankly, I had no clue it was even possible for my hair to be styled in that way! My entire head of hair was teased to the max, and then folded gracefully in wards so that it created a gorgeous, yet, striking billowing bulb of hair. The hair style almost had a Victorian or early settler vibe to it. The makeup was PINK. Eyeshadow, lips, and cheeks all had a varied candy pink hue and freckles were dotted gracefully across the models faces. The combination of the hair and makeup, complimented the designs beautifully, and the bright lights of the runway almost created a halo effect around the models' heads. And with the upswept hair, the primary focus was on the design of the clothing.

 The look of the designs ranged from a singing dress, to a bad **s cow girl suit with hot pink fringe, to animal print body hugging shirts and voluptuous poofing skirts with curvy shapes. The designs are described by the designer herself as, "Rock star tailoring mixed with steel magnolia florals and a nod to the cowgirl spirit." 

Once it was show time, it went by in the blink of an eye! 

Thank you so much Francki for having me, and it is an honor to be an "Ex-Mermaid".  


-xo AA



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