An Inside Look at New York Fashion Week

February 8, 2018

Today is the kick off of New York Fashion Week. New York Fashion Week is a highly anticipated, bi-annual, series of dates that models, designers, and fashion fanatics all around the world look forward to. "The week" is roughly a week long, plus or minus a few days, and is an exciting time in New York! Being in New York during fashion week, I can literally feel the tension and excitement build in the air in the days leading up to it. As models busily run around the city from casting to casting, in their black "uniforms", praying they have what casting directors are looking for, it can be an exciting, yet, stressful time. 


The Castings:

Leading up to NYFW, the castings are the essential preliminary hurdles a model must go through in order to be included in NYFW. Some castings you go in feeling great, and leave absolutely crushed. Yet, sometimes you walk out of there feeling like you owned it. These highs and lows during the casting process are totally normal, and part of the business. These experiences allow for character to be made, relationships to be built, and a more prepared outlook for life. When I have a good or bad experience at a casting, I reflect upon it and try to figure out what was successful, and what wasn’t. This allows me to learn and grow not only as a model, but also as a person. 

After the castings, comes the waiting! It is oh so hard to wait, yet it is so gratifying to get the “confirmed” email from your agent!


The Fittings:

After the castings take place, then come the fittings. Yesterday, I was running from fitting to fitting, getting ready for the shows! The fittings typically take place a few days before fashion week begins and I always look forward to getting to see a sneak peak of what I will get to be wearing on the runway!


Tips for Staying Healthy:

During fashion week, models are often at their utmost busiest. That being said, it can be a little bit more difficult to stay on your regular “fitness routine” and “schedule”. So, I like to do an in apartment workout, composed of circuits and intervals. This makes it fun for me and I knock it out first thing in the morning. This gets my blood flowing, and leaves me feeling energized and ready to take on my busy day of running around the city! I also love to mix it up with a barre, yoga, or pilates class thanks to apps like “Into” and Neon Coat” which allow models in the NY industry to have privileges to try new classes!


 Additionally, staying fueled with the proper nutrients is key to keep your energy up! I like to carry an apple, Justin’s Almond Butter packet, and RX or Kind Bars in my purse just incase I get desperate for a snack! This has saved me so many times when their has been no suitable food on set, or none at all. 

Lastly, your skin can be put through a lot during fashion week, so it is ultra important to give it some extra love. Most recently, I have been loving NARS aqua gel luminous mask and aqua gel luminous oil-free moisturizer. These products have made my skin so moisturized and definitely made a difference in how my skin looks and feels, resulting in a healthy glow. New York’s frigid winter air and dry indoor heat can make your skin parched, and these products will restore your skin radiantly!


Your Look:

Another exciting part of fashion week is the models' street styles! There are always so many inspiring looks that you see the models wearing as they go from show to show, and you never know when a street style photographer will capture your look!  

Ready to go:

Now that you have completed castings, fittings, stayed healthy and squeezed in a workout, its time for the shows! So many girls work so hard all year round for that brief moment on the runway, and it is always so exciting for me to be a part of that environment. 


Beauty comes from the inside out and is determined by how we feel about ourselves, confidence, and healthy lifestyle choices. The best lifestyle choices focus on good nutrition, exercise, and be drug and substance free. 

-xo A

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