My Morning Skin Care Routine

January 31, 2018

 Hello everyone! This week I want to focus on my morning skin care routine. I have found that by starting my mornings with skin care, it can completely change how I feel about the day. After a hard nights sleep we sometimes may wake up with a touch of morning breath, maybe some crazy bed head, and even some dried drool (YUCK). I know that personally, this makes me feel gross, and I can’t wait to start the day fresh. So, my morning skin care routine will prep you for your day and allow you to begin with a fresh start. 

 Step 1: Grab a wash cloth 

In my opinion, nothing beats using a washcloth to cleanse your face. I begin by pulling my hair back, dampening a wash cloth, and wetting my face completely with it. I then use my favorite face wash, Neutrogena’s 2-in1 Clear Pore Cleanser. I massage it into my skin, rinse my hands, and leave it on while I lay out my clothes for the day. I then wash it off and pat my skin dry with a clean wash cloth.

 Step 2: Moisturize

Currently, I use xxx to moisturize my skin. I really like it because it is very basic, and gentle on my skin. I spread it evenly over my face and neck, and rub any excess into my hands. It is scent free and so it is just perfect to use as a base and prepping moisturizer.


Step 3: Prepping Lips

Next, I use my favorite lip scrub. As stated in an earlier blog post, I use MAC’s lip scrubtious in vanilla. I love how conditioned it leaves my lips feeling and it is perfect for this time of year, when my lips tend to get a little dry. Then I follow it up with Glossier’s Balm Dotcom. The name for this lip salve could not be more perfect! It is literally the BOMB. I love the fact that they have so many different varieties. For prepping my lips in the morning I tend to use the original variety of the Balm Dotcom. 


Step 5: Makeup

I don’t wear makeup everyday, and if I do, most of the time I like to keep it looking light, fresh, and clean. If I am wearing makeup on a given day I always complete steps 1-4 first, to make sure my skin is at its healthiest! So, if I am wearing makeup that day I will then apply it.


Step 6: MIST and Go!

Now that I have completed my skin care, and maybe makeup, I like to finish it all off with Glossier’s soothing rose water face mist. The scent smells AMAZING and it makes me feel like I just walked into a greenhouse full of blooming roses… and it gives my skin a nice refreshed glow. 


So, that is my morning skin care routine! After this, I always feel fresh and ready for the day. Even if I am spending the day around the house, this routine is oneI I live by.  The end result is radiant, clear, and natural skin and the feeling that I am ready for anything I face in the day!  Have an amazing week everyone! xoxo



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