Battle of the Barres

January 24, 2018


Hi everyone! I recently decided to try 2 different barre classes at 2 different studios. I was not planning to do a write up on them, yet, after my two very different experiences, I decided I really wanted to share it with you. 


I have been dancing for 13 years now in many varied styles of dance. Yet, the style of Ballet has always spoken to me and is the style I am most versed in. I see ballet’s graceful steps, long flowing limbs, and movements as something that can take your breath away. While I have not been dancing nearly as much as I used to due to an ankle surgery at the end of 2016, I still enjoy working some of that Ballet flare into my workouts. This is why I decided to experiment with barre classes separately from my regular workouts. In this post I will compare the barre workouts at Pure Barre and The Bar Method. 

Pure Barre:

Pure Barre was the first barre class I tried located in West Village, New York. I have heard some favorable feedback about the class and their schedule was more convenient for me that week, so that’s what made me choose that one first! The receptionist was incredibly welcoming and informative. When I arrived I found that the studio was fully carpeted, had a barre which wrapped around the room, and OPAQUE SHADES OVER THE WINDOWS in the studio, except for the front door and windows in the lobby. Quite honestly this really bugged me. I am a person who thrives off of light and I love to be surrounded by it so, I didn’t like the darkness. There were lights in the studio, but for the last half of the class they were dimmed. The music during the class seemed really repetitive and a bit too “electronicy” to me. The instructor, Kayley, was very kind, and led an extremely challenging, yet, possible to follow class. The after effect of the class was noodly legs and instantly knowing I was going to be really sore! Haha! I like leaving a class and knowing I worked hard and that I’ll be sore the next day. So for that reason, despite the environment not being “my thing”, I don’t regret going to Purre Barre and would attend again!


The Bar Method:

There is a Bar Method location very near my house in a little shopping center near White Rock Lake that I have always wanted to try, and since I am in NY currently, I gave the one located in Soho a go. Upon entering the second story studio, I was warmly welcomed by the receptionist and given a tour of their beautifully immaculate and well lit studio. All the staff was so friendly and really seemed like they wanted to get to know you (in a non-creepy way). The studio had nice big windows (YAY) and lots of beautiful natural lighting and very white clean walls and storage compartments for the equipment. The locker rooms were very nice as well, and they provided lockers for safe keeping of your belongings while in class. The music was so much more fun for me and really motivating with a perfect mix of current upbeat pop songs. The class was surprisingly full and the instructor did a lovely job of making sure that no matter what the level of the students, each person was challenged to the max! Also, when the instructor, Marissa Vicario, noticed something really great that you were doing, she would openly, verbally commend that great form or adjustment. This added to the fun of the experience. Marissa also would do the same if she noticed something that needed to be corrected. Was it embarrassing? No. Because, everyone openly got corrections too and it just goes to show that we’re not all perfect but we are all there because we want to better ourselves and get a good workout in through some Ballet based exercises. Be sure to follow Marissa on Instagram to learn more about her and her health and beauty tips! As it turns out, she is also a best selling author of a book by the title of Your Holistically Hot Transformation. After class, as I was about to walk out, the receptionist and instructor stopped me to thank me for coming... Seemingly a small gesture, yet, one over looked by so many businesses these days. Some of their other locations and gave me an adorable tin full of complimentary Epsome salts to soak in a warm tub later! How sweet is that?! They know that their customers will most likely be sore after a class there, and offer this as a great way to work through your soreness. This really just made the whole experience that much more special. 

My takeaway is that both studios taught excellent and challenging classes. I honestly enjoyed both and would take from either studio again. Yet, my favorite would have to be The Bar Method. The overall experience I had at The Bar Method just really put them over the top from their studio decor, the staff, the music, the exercises, and the epsome salts gift at the end. I highly recommend using the links below to find a location near you, and giving them a try! Be sure to let me know what you think and how your experience was!


Purre Barre:

The Bar Method:


-Anneliese Aeria xo

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