A New Beginning: College Edition

January 16, 2018

2018 has already been a year full of new beginnings. Yet, one new beginning for me, which seems especially important, is that I am starting full time college! I am really excited about this new chapter, and I can’t wait to see where it leads me. Although, I don’t know what I will be majoring in yet, I am currently focusing on getting all my requirements out of the way. I am only 16 after all! 

Plus, with my crazy traveling schedule I will be doing online college. So, it is critical that I am organized and have my “stuff” all put together! Regardless, of whether you are in high school, college, or even just looking to organize your work or school, here are my top ways that I stay organized. 


1. Writing Utensils

I always have to have good writing utensils and a wide variety of them. I like to take detailed notes, and having the right writing tools keeps me making sure my notes are neat. I keep a favorite pen and pencil ready in my bag and I really like and an assortment of highlighters.

Additionally, getting a pencil bag you like is important. Nothing is worse than having pens and pencils rolling all over like crazy in your bag or on your desk. My mom was given this pencil bag as a gift from one of her client who travels back and forth to London. It’s so whimsical and it has cats on it so why wouldn’t I love it?! It’s just perfect for on the go and I’m glad that my mom has allowed me to keep it on “permanent loan”  (thanks Annette Webster!)



2. Folders and Binders

One of my pet peeves is having loose, random papers floating around. So, I got these cute folders from The Container Store for each of my classes. Because my classes are all online I didn’t see the need for a huge binder, and figured a folder would be just the right size for me and more compact and space efficient. I keep current projects and assignments in folders and then transfer them to binders for reference later for finals and such. Keeping assignments I’m actively working on in a small thin folder keeps me from feeling overwhelmed too and the folders are small and I can grab some study time when I’m in hair and makeup or waiting for my turn on the runway. See what works for you and your work and then find a cute label to keep them distinguished and easy to find. I used some labels from Rifle Paper Co. They have beautiful simple florals, and add a pretty feminine look to the binders. Personalizing your labeling and folders and binders with your own style will help to make whatever your work is more fun. Try it out and you’ll see!


3. Notes

I love notebooks. I have way more than I will probably ever use, but I can’t resist a cute notebook! I have a notebook for every single class and labeled each one to go with it. Having notebooks you love makes note taking more fun and will give you a happy association even for those classes that are hard or less enjoyable. 

These are all very basic ways of organization, yet I promise they make a world of difference!

With these small personalized organizational touches I’m looking forward to being on track through college this semester while I’m traveling. 

Do you have a great personal organization tip? Let me know and I’ll share it!

-Xo AA




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