Top 5 Reasons Why You should be more like Popeye!

November 8, 2017

Happy Monday! This week I want to talk about the benefits of spinach! Now, don’t let this green leafy veggie scare you into clicking away... because trust me your going to want to know about the pros to eating it! (Plus, keep reading to find some delicious recipes that you won’t even know spinach is in!)


#1 Spinach has over 12 anti-inflammatory compounds which aids in keeping your heart healthy.


#2 Spinach has special phytonutrients which has been shown to protect skin from UV and other harmful sun rays.


#3 Spinach contains and antioxidant factor called C0-Q10 which plays an important role in strengthening your muscles. It is also surprisingly high in protein for a vegetable!


#4 Spinach is one of the richest forms of potassium. Potassium is critical for bone density health. Also, even though people say "eat bananas if you have a cramp", related to low Potassium, spinach will actually help more! Ounce for ounce, spinach has 56% more potassium than bananas do! So, next time you have a cramp you could try spinach rather than a banana!


#5 Spinach is very rich in B vitamins. B vitamins are responsible for helping keep your energy levels "up-n-at em" all day!


Spinach is definitely one of my favorite vegetables, and t's incredibly versatile!  I love it because I can easily incorporate it into every meal of the day, and not get tired of it. For breakfast, I scramble it with egg whites and a side of avocado or salsa for an excellent pre-workout breakfast. For lunch, I like to make a veggie sauté or wrap. I especially love using Tumaro’s wraps, because they are delicious, come in a wide variety of flavors. Also, they have a surprising amount of fiber and protein. Then, for dinner, I like to use spinach as a base in my bowl, and I add what ever protein that I am craving that day (beans, tofu, etc.), and other veggies and healthy fats (such as avocado). If you have a sweet tooth, don’t think that you can’t sneak some spinach in there, because you can! Here are some super fun recipes to try to  incorporate more of this fabulous veggie into your diet!


1. Breakfast- scrambled egg whites and spinach. 

Directions: add scramble egg whites in a pan. Once they are almost finished, add a big hand full of spinach (or 2;))! Now I know this may seem like a daunting amount of spinach, but by the time it cooks in with the egg whites, it looks like nothing. Once finished, top it off with avocado or salsa, or both! 

2. Lunch/Dinner- black bean salad

Directions: fill the base of your bowl with spinach. Add in the black beans. Add any other veggies your heart desires. Top it all off with some salsa, avocado, or even a sprinkle of low fat mozzarella. (I like to use salsa rather than salad dressing)

3. Dessert- Gluten Free Chocolate Spinach Muffins

Directions: now I did not come up with this recipe, so here is the link! Don’t let it scare you ;)



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