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October 31, 2017


I recently flew into NYC for a booking with NARS Cosmetics at the beautiful Canoe Studios. I have to say it has been such an honor, and a fun experience to be a part of this project and meet so many incredible artists! It was a 2-day project and every day there were 3 workshops... 


Day 1: I was in the “creative” room. This is where the makeup artists got to let their inspiration flow and do “their thing” so as to go outside of their comfort zones and grow. 


The first artist I worked with was from the Czech Republic. She was so talented and I loved the simple yet, clean and beautiful look she created. 



The second makeup artist I worked with gathered inspiration from her water color paintings for my look. She used lots of water to blend the colors and it created a real life portrait effect. 

The third makeup artist initially began with a gothic geisha look, then transitioned to more of a French, chic love clown look and owned it! Loved the creativity behind this one. 

So overall it was an exciting day and I loved getting to see the creative process and inspiration behind these incredibly artistic looks... looking forward to day 2!

Day 2: began in a gorgeous naturally lit studio overlooking the water. First the artists selected their models. Today, even more than the previous day, the artists got to explore their creativity. The artist I worked with was trying to decide how he had felt about New York because he feels that the city has an ugly, as well as a beautiful side. So, he chose to depict me as a beautiful bird emerging from dirty oil. He did this so as to show that their can be beauty that emerges from something darker. I loved getting to see this finished product and it was such a unique experience getting to see the creative process behind this look. 

After this fun day it was sadly time for me to dart back home. Yet, I’m thankful that I had this opportunity to work with the NARS team and their oh so very talented artists! Until next time NARS!

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