Shooting with Scott Womack with Styling by Ashley Akins

October 12, 2017

Hey everyone!! I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from my recent test with Scott Womack. This shoot was styled by the talented Ashley Akins. She is the Director of New Faces and Social Media for The Campbell Agency. I love her sense of style and how she combines looks that the average person would never think of. She took items from my own wardrobe shuffled them in ways that gave me a ton of "new" looks then she added some amazing pieces from Gypsy Wagon. How did Ashley know that Gypsy Wagon is a favorite style source of my own?! If you have never shopped GW, it's time that you do! They are conveniently located just east of downtown dallas, and you can shop them online. They are noted for unusual garments ranging from boho-chic, to country, and funk. They also have lots of handcrafted jewelry for the perfect accents. The awesome Paige Anderson worked her hair and makeup magic, and made me look and feel flawless and natural. 

The focus of this shoot was to capture some fresh new beauty shots and to be ready for the next season. Scott is so knowledgeable about angles and I learned so much about myself in the way of movement and positioning! I've studied kinesiology and dance and I find the art of "form" fascinating. I love that I have taken something really valuable away from this shoot, which will make me a better model in future shoots. 

 We did a few shots at the Sandbar to capture some fun beach shots. Once we arrived, the door man was not going to let me in (because I am underage), yet, Scott quickly said a few words to him, and voila! We were in. 

While trying not to get hit by volleyballs, we captured some fun shots and moved onto the next location!

 Lastly, we walked to this super cool yellow house with blue concrete! It looks like something out of a video game. There, we shot some cool-girl-vibe-y shots, and then called it a wrap! 

I loved this shoot, and it was cool to feel like I took away new ideas for my craft.

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