Lippy-Lip Care

September 17, 2017

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about a topic that I have struggled with over time-and that is lip care! When I was younger, I had the worst chapped lips. My lower lip especially caused me problems. When it would get chapped, it would split right down the middle! It was not only incredibly painful, but It is now scarred and I have a little white line that goes down the middle of my lip. At a young age, I was even made fun of and teased for my split lip! 

Luckily, with time, I have tried many products and found a few that worked to soothe my lips and keep them looking healthy and much of the old damage to my lips is now gone. Most recently, I discovered MAC's "Lip Scrubtious" in sweet vanilla. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it feels great too. I like to put some on right before I go to bed so when I wake up my lips feel perfectly moisturized. Then, while I'm getting ready in the morning and washing my face or doing my hair, I will dab some on to prep my lips. 

Next up, let's talk about lip gloss! Now that my lips are finally incredibly healthy, moisturized, and soft, I like to top them off with a little bit of MAC's "Cremesheen Glass" gloss in the color "just superb". The color blends with my natural tones and gives me a pretty "un-makeup look". I have been using this gloss for over 2 years now and love it. In fact, this is the same lip gloss product I used just right before I went in for my very first digitals at my mother agency! I like to think this lip gloss can take the credit for some of my successes and keeping me looking natural, yet, moisturized with a subtle lip sheen. Sadly, when I recently went into MAC to get my fix of my fav gloss, the friendly people at the store said that they believed that MAC would be discontinuing it soon. So I quickly went on line to stock up! And you should too!

If you like this product as much as I do let our friends at MAC know too. They are a super company who listens to their customers! xxxooo

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