First New York Test Shoot!

September 5, 2017


I recently had my first New York test shoot with Pino Gomes from Brazil, while he was in town in NYC. I must say that I absolutely loved every second of it and I am so thankful for this positive experience. From the second I walked into the beautiful naturally lit studio at Mac Pro, I was greeted with warmth by Pino and his team. I had literally brought my entire suitcase with me and was nervous that I may not have brought what I needed, yet, Pino looked at my clothes, picked out all of my favorites (with out me even telling him!), and put together 5 stunning outfits which made me feel so cool and fashionable. I then jumped right into hair and makeup where Pino's team, Moises Ramirez and Nicole Lyba, did such a beautiful job (I wish I looked like that every day!). The HMUA team kept looking at me curiously, saying that I looked so much like some one. I was so curious to know who, and when they finally placed who it was, they said I resembled Penelope Tree, the famous fashion model from the 1960s. I didn't understand how I could resemble her until they showed me pictures, then, Pino and I both were convinced that I was the "reincarnated" Penelope Tree!

The vibe was very chill, yet, incredibly upbeat and positive. We rocked through 5 different looks, each showing great diversity, and laughing along the way. By the end I couldn't believe where the time had gone! 





I hope that I have the opportunity to shoot with this incredible photographer again and I am so thankful for this experience!   

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