Mints... or Sleeping Pills?

August 29, 2017


So, recently I had my first New York casting! I was excited, nervous, cold but sweaty, yet, most of all ready to nail it and "get my job". I walked in feeling confident, dressed in black head to toe in my new UO high waisted skinny jeans and one of my favorite Neiman's mesh crop tops. As I stepped into the elevator with three other models, all who looked like they had just rolled out of bed, I was still feeling pretty good. Once I got to the 4th floor (where the casting was to take place), I was surrounded by dance studios blasting with music and filled with elderly women (I'm assuming who were all cougars) and younger Hispanic men attempting to salsa dance or something in that realm. My first thoughts were "oh crap. Are they expecting me to dance?! I'm in platforms and tight skinny jeans... I wasn't prepared for this!" So, I then followed the other models down a hall into another dance studio, blasting with music, where I then saw chairs set up for the models and a long desk set up with people and laptops. I was feeling reassured, and took a seat to get "in the zone" and get my comp cards together. Next, a foreign sounding man dressed in black walked up and down the row of models saying "2 comp cards. 2 comp cards. That is all we want. 2 comp cards. 2 comp cards. No books." So, I got my 2 comp cards out and continued to wait. Then, a man walked up to all of us with a stack of little boxes (he was obviously with the casting) and began handing one to each of the girls. My initial thoughts were "Oh, how nice! He is giving out mints while we wait. Refreshments! What hospitality!". Yet, once he got to me and handed me my box, I realized they were SLEEPING PILLS. Then, I began to panic. My thoughts quickly shifted to "Oh my God, what do I do?! Do I call my mom?! Do I call 911?! HE IS TRYING TO DRUG US. What have I gotten myself into? Should I take off my platforms and throw them at him, and make a break for it???" He then went on to explain to the small group of models "you just take it like a tic-tac!". Luckily, he then said "oh... but don't take it right now!". I felt so relieved. Of course I would not have taken it, but I was still scared. Now that that panic was over, it was time for me to get back "in the zone" and nail this casting! I was the 2nd one in line to be interviewed and walk. As I was watching the first girl go, I was trying to listen to what they were telling her. Before I even knew it, they said "NEXT!" and that meant me! So, I took a deep breath, and walked up to the desk, introduced my self and handed the long table of staring eyes my comp cards. One of the men at the table said "Oh, this is Anneliese from Images..." hearing this I was hopeful that they had been looking forward to meeting me or were already interested... maybe. The foreign sounding man then pointed to the end of the room and motioned for me to go and start my runway walk there. I walked to the end of the room turned around and waited for their cue to begin my walk. Music still blasting, he motioned for me to begin. I strutted my stuff the best I could, and once I reached the end of the room, ready to do my stop-pose, then do my walk back, the foreign man stopped me and said "longer walk. longer walk.". I quickly walked back to the end of the room, ready to start again, then another model walked in and the foreign man began motioning me to stop/wait by putting his hand up with his palm facing my face. He kept looking at the other girl who had just walked in and kept motioning to her with a slicing motion across his neck! And he began to follow close behind here trying to look at her neck, still doing the same motion. Then, the foreign man started unintelligibly yelling to the other man (who had passed out the sleeping pills) who had gone to get another stack of chairs. Meanwhile, I'm still standing there, music blasting, confused as hell, and waiting to walk again. Finally, the foreign man looked at me and motioned for me to begin. I started my walk again, doing the longest strides I could, did my best end of runway stop, and strutted back to my starting point. I then turned around and the foreign man walked up to me and began doing the same cutting motion across his neck, and said "goodbye." Confused, I quickly grabbed my things, and walked out of the room. Once in the elevator, I said to my self "I don't know what just happened!". Soon afterward, I met up with my mom who, of course, was anxious to know how the casting had gone. At first, all I could manage to say was "I have no words." After a while I could finally distill and share my thoughts about the odd casting venue filled with elderly women salsa dancers, hot young Latin men, and the sleeping pills passed out like candy, and we had a good laugh. In this business you will find yourself in odd positions, meeting interesting people, and almost always, you are pushed outside of your comfort zone. I'm not holding my breath on this one, but deep down, I hope I get the job... NEXT! 




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