RMS Beauty

August 26, 2017



One of my favorite make-up artists ever once suggested I try RMS beauty's products. Ever since then I have been committed to RMS for my base products and never looked back! I really agree with RMS's philosophy in that most of the products we use nowadays are full of chemicals and that our skin deserves the most natural and healthy ingredients. Also, it extends beyond our skin, because the products we use affect the planet we live in. RMS beauty supports natural beauty and long-term health. Their products are made only with the best raw, food grade, and organic ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, bees wax, castor seed oil, carnuba oil, vanilla extract, and many more natural ingredients. Using these products in turn will enhance your natural beauty and be very nurturing for your skin!


 My favorite products from RMS are their "un-coverup" concealer, "living luminizer" highlighter, and "mixer master" which I use for contouring. These products leave my skin looking clean, fresh, and feeling great. Also, since I have began using their makeup, my skin has become much clearer and healthier. I believe this is because I am using much more natural ingredients and naturally my skin responds to that better. A huge bonus too is how easy RMS's paint pots are to use! I'm no makeup artist, yet, it's nice that these products are so versatile and easy to blend that the end result comes out looking natural and effortless!  




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