Let's Talk Skincare!

August 19, 2017

Okay, as something all teens and young adults deal with, acne/skin care issues are no fun at all! I have been very lucky to not have had extremely horrible skin, but it was still bad enough to affect my self confidence. I really began to get serious about skin care during my freshman year of high school. The start of high school is an awkward and embarrassing time for everyone, so having blemished skin doesn't make it any easier. When I decided I really wanted to clear up my skin, I went to the first dermatologist (that's right. We are only on dermatologist #1). Well, let's just say that didn't go too well. The first dermatologist I saw looked at me for less than, I kid you not, 1 minute. Then he went on to ramble off a list of various creams and ointments, which his nurse hurriedly tried to copy down and then said she would give me all the instructions and walked out. At first I was thinking "hey, now I have all this medication, this has gotta work!". Feeling hopeful, I began with the long list of products that night, meticulously following all the instructions I had been given. With the next few days that followed, I noticed rather than clearing up, my skin began to flake. Then, with in a short period of time it began to become extremely red, and SLOUGH OFF in large white sheets. No joke. I looked like a leper. I would be talking one minute, and then get abruptly distracted by a large piece of dangling skin that had sloughed off. It was humiliating. I couldn't even cover it up with makeup either because if I tried it would just cause more of my skin to flake off, making it look far worse. The creams and washes the dermatologist had given made my skin raw. The skin around my nose and eyes would burn and were sore to the touch. Clearly, this was not going to work and I was losing all hope for bettering my skin fast. So, my mom recommended we try a different dermatologist. Hesitantly, I decided to give the new dermatologist a go. This go around, the doctor actually came in, sat down, gathered a good history, and looked at my skin for more than a minute! I was feeling better already. One of the things we talked about was what kind of skin care products I'd been using before hand. When I shared with him what I had been prescribed, he was shocked that I had been given such high intensity products! Some of which should NOT have been used together, like I was advised to do. Now with this knowledge, my doctor prescribed Neutrogena Clear Pore 2 in 1 facial mask/cleanser.

This product has 3.5% benzoyl peroxide, which is significantly higher than the average acne wash, and is an antibacterial which is what makes it so effective. It used to be by prescription only, but luckily now it is back on the shelves at many drugstores and grocery stores, as well as online (I buy it on amazon in a 6 pack so that it will last a really long time. Link below!)! Since I began using this product, my skin has become so much clearer and healthier. Along with this product, I moisturize and have a healthy diet and lifestyle. What works for me might not work for you because we are all different in our own amazing ways, but you never know until you try it! Also, my skin is definitely not perfect. It is just part of life, and being a teen, but I do believe that this product can help. Plus, it makes your skin feel so clean and fresh after using it, so that in itself is worth it to me! Xo


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