• Anneliese Aeria

Mocha Cat Cafe- TOKYO

While in Tokyo I made it a priority to visit the famous Mocha Cat Cafe in the energetic city of Shibuya. I have visited cat cafe’s in Milan, New York, and now Tokyo. I have to say, Mocha has earned the rank of my new favorite cat cafe.

Located on the 8th and 9th floor’s of a towering building overlooking Shibuya, a visit to the Mocha cat cafe is an unforgettable experience. Upon entry, shoes are removed and slippers are required, hands are washed, and bags/belongings are secured away in lockers. Then, it’s time to meet the cats! With almost too many cats to count, this was an absolute paradise for an ailurophile. Cats are seen throughout the facility lounging on tree-like structures, and perching on circular structures hanging from the ceiling. Other cats are cuddling with visitors and licking kitty iced popsicle treats.

The cats here were absolutely beautiful, and many were breeds I had never seen before. The ear shapes, eyes, mouths, and body builds all differed from cat to cat. Each cat was beautiful in their own unique and quirky, cute ways! The cats here are all impeccably groomed, and well cared for. The women seen working at the Cafe obviously carried a great deal of pride in their work. These cat attendants were in constant motion briskly brushing cats, swiping dust nips over the polished floors, or they were circling the rooms watching over the kitties in a motherly way. The cafe was spotless, and with so many cats, there was nearly no hair, and no undesirable odors that sometimes accompany cats. The cats were healthy, pampered, and content! As I looked at these adored, happy, well-fed, well-groomed, indulged and highly photographed cats, one could imagine thy they looked like royalty perched on their various “thrones”. Further, the cat attendants who worked and the cafe looked like “ladies in waiting” buzzing around them. I thought to myself that it was almost as if I had entered a small palace filled with tiny cat “Kings” and “queens”.

While traveling, I always miss my own pets and visiting this cat cafe recharged me, and gave me very much needed cuddle time! If you are traveling, and are looking for a fun excursion, or if you are desperately missing your fur babies, I highly recommend finding the nearest cat cafe, and most preferably a Mocha Cat Cafe in Tokyo!