• Anneliese Aeria

The pop-up grocer NYC

A new pop up shop is in downtown NYC, hidden on the street of Bowery. I happened to stumble upon it on Instagram, and decided I must check it out in person!

Visiting the space was a fun experience with lots of goodies!

Not only did they have some of my favorite healthy snacks, but also some new discoveries, home and health supplies, and even some goodies for “man’s best friend”!

Let’s just say I came out of there with far more than I’d anticipated... this little pop up shop has got it covered when it comes to snacks and yummy bites! Snacks ranged from an assortment of drinks, “balls, bars, + bites”, “cereal-ish”, “jerky”, “boosters+blends”, a taste test bar with samples, and more!

The home, body, and pet section has got to be my favorite though! Upon arrival I had no idea this spot had more than just food items... low and behold they had an amazing assortment of magazines which looked more like art... I picked up 2 little dog treats for my dog, and my sisters dog too. Of course, just like you read the ingredients on your own food, read the ingredients on your dog’s food too! And if in doubt, check with your veterinarian. Luckily, these checked out !

Next, I found a refill for my Myro natural deodorant! I got the “Solar Flare” scent, and highly recommend giving this brand a try! Myro is an all natural deodorant company which sells reusable deodorant pods, which need only be refilled upon running out. Reduce waste, and smell great! ;)

Lastly, had no idea this was a thing, but apparently “Peach Luxury Bath Tissue” is! I did not purchase this, yet, am curious about it haha!

If you are in the NYC area, be sure to visit this pop-up before their gone! Definitely a fun experience!