• Anneliese Aeria

The Shoes that are getting Me through NYFW !

I absolutely love a good chunky sneaker with a nice platform. To some, they are known as “dad shoes”... well, my dad shoes have recently reached their prime, and it was time for them to retire. I must say, I was completely heart broken! These shoes were what I’ve worn as my go-to’s almost all year, and throughout the country, as well as Europe! Also, with NYFW coming up, I had to have my go-to pair of chunky sneakers to run around all of NYC in!

So, my hunt for my next pair of chunky sneakers began! I checked the usual stores like Urban Outfitters, and Zara... and saying I was disappointed with their selection would be an understatement. I hunted online, and as a last hope, I decided to check out the Forty Five Ten that has recently opened in Hudson Yards...

Sure enough, I came across Diemme. It was love at first sight! (And yes, I’m still talking about shoes!)

Diemme is an Italian based brand of shoes, and all shoes are made in the Calzaturificio Diemme factory in Onè di Fonte, Veneto. This small town in Northeastern Italy is regarded as one of the most important areas for production and research of performance footwear.

Trying the shoes on, I have to say, it was so exciting! I’ve never experienced a shoe that wear like this before. Being a cross between a hiker boot, and a sneaker, they feel sturdy, comfortable, and like I can run all over NYC, and feel great!

The shoes, have a nice rocking sway to them when walking, and has a generous platform. The laces hook in at the top like on a hiking boot, and don't easily come untied while out and about! (Such a pet peeve of mine whine my laces come undone!)

I am thrilled with my updated go-to chunky shoe for on the go, and would highly advise checking out the Diemme brand if you too are looking to update your sneakers! They can be purchased online at Diemme's website, or at Forty Five Ten.

-AA xx