• Anneliese Aeria

Celery Juice vs. Celery Juice 🥤

I know what you’re all thinking... what’s all the hype about celery juice?! It’s not a new topic, and chances are you’ve either jumped on the band wagon, or are not participating in this somewhat new trend in the health and fitness industries.

With claims of curing illnesses, and “saving lives”, I’d say that’s pretty bold. I have tried celery juice, and while some preach drinking it every morning on an empty stomach for optimal results, I’m going to tell you my experience, AND where to get a better deal on this sought after juice in NYC.

In my opinion, celery juice is a refreshing, and delicious juice option with low sugar! The taste is not for all, and I can’t claim that it’s “life saving” and working miracles, but I enjoy it! I tend to drink it 2-3 times a week MAYBE. Also, I end up drinking only when I am in New York because it is so readily available!

My 2 go to sources for this “miracle juice” are Juice Press + Pressed Juicery! If ever in NYC, I’d recommend stopping by Pressed Juicery for their 3 for 15$ deal! Where as, 3 bottles of celery juice from Juice Press will cost you 21$.

Going to Pressed Juicery over Juice Press will save you 6$ when you buy 3 bottles for the week. Everyone knows living in New York can get expensive, so I am always looking for ways to “keep up with the trends”, while not splurging too much!

I love both Juice Press, and Pressed Juicery, and will go to either one for various reasons! Both have yummy vegan and vegetarian, on the go options for breakfast, lunch, and a drink.

Also a little side note, depending on the Juice Press location you go to in NY, it can be hit or miss customer service wise! Where as my encounters with Pressed Juicery, have been pleasant and had a positive environment. Customer service and the quality of an environment is very important to me. If I have a bad experience somewhere, it is sometimes, depending on the severity, enough for me to not revisit :(

Have you tried celery juice? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it by dm’ing me @anneliese_aeria on insta!