• Anneliese Aeria

Viale Papiniano Farmers Market!

This past Saturday I spent the afternoon exploring the streets of Milan, and finally made it to the farmers market on Viale Papiniano... I’d heard a lot about this market, and was anxious to go and see it for myself!

The market features an entire strip of the streets dedicated to clothing, and accessories. This area of the market was incredibly crowded with people shoulder to shoulder, and one women went as far as to place her hands on my back to push me out of her way so that she could reach a "bargain"! Additionally, this region of the market quite literally smelled of a pungent body odor and a stale, humid, essence trapped under the weight of the tents.

In contrast, the produce portion of the farmers market on Viale Papiniano was still crowded but quite pleasant. The tents in this area were more open, and a sweet aroma of the fruits and flowers permeated the air. Along with the freshest fruits and veggies were also adorable succulents, house plants, and flowers for sale. The market had fresh hen eggs, AND ostrich eggs too! If you’ve never seen an ostrich egg before, they are quite literally the size of your head just for reference! The avocados were beautiful, the peaches heavenly, and cucumbers fresh as can be!

I admired the pride that most of the produce vendors took in displaying their fruits and veggies... it’s all about presentation!

I bought a large avocado (bigger than my fist! And I’ve got large hands haha!), 3 medium sized peaches, and 2 cucumbers all for 3,77 euros...

I will surely be a repeat visitor of the produce market on Viale Papiniano, and if you ever find yourself in the gorgeous city of Milano, be sure to go and visit too!