• Anneliese Aeria

First Week in Milan... GRAFFITI

Ciao everyone!

So far it has been exactly 1 week since I arrived to Milan... I’m here for the summer with my agency, URBN, and am excited for what is in store. Since my arrival to the incredible city of Milan, one of the things I’ve seen the most is all the graffiti and art that dress the walls, buildings, underpasses, and various physical aspects of the city. While some of the graffiti makes me sad, due to its destructive and defacing nature, there is so much that is truly art and is interesting. On my way to castings it is incredibly easy to get distracted by all of it!

Although I do not know the meaning of the graffiti, or who created it, something grabs me about so many of these artists’ works. Often I am compelled to stop to take a picture, and that to me is a sign of a powerful piece of art.

It is obvious the affect that fashion has in the graffiti in this city. The Gucci shirt on Mary, the seamstress sewing “the future”... all of this is a reflection on the strong impact that fashion has on the people of this community in my opinion.

And of course, any art with cats grabs my attention !! This one above, in particular, is my favorite. On a road blocker in the center of Milan, near the Duomo, this simple, yet beautiful cat captured me and made me feel happy!

Stay tuned for more stories, observations, and news from Milan!

-AA xx :)