• Anneliese Aeria

Schön Magazine Online: Aces + Eights

When I first returned to New York this spring season to gear up for NYFW, one of my first bookings was an editorial for Schön Magazine. I remember that cold January morning of the shoot. It was 5 degrees, and walking into the studio the wind was so incredibly strong, I could barely walk! Little did I know what an incredible day was awaiting me...

Upon entering the studio, I found gorgeous skylights with beautiful natural light, and a wall covered with plants hanging from the ceiling to the floor... natural light, and plants- Two of my favorite things!

We began with hair and makeup. The makeup was provided by the incredibly talented, and meticulous, Yui Ishibashi. As an artist, she took such pride and care in doing my makeup. I’ve never had some one do my eyelashes with such precision before! Every individual lash was carefully separated and placed to perfection with a pair of tweezers.

Next, came the creation of my hair masterpiece by Jess Dylan. She created a fun flip to the ends of my hair which had me feeling like Patty Duke, and as if I had time travelled to another place in time. Jess's style was so unique from anything I’ve ever experienced.

Next, it was time to get into character! For this editorial, my role to become a mime. The black pleated jumpsuit, styled by Jessi Frederick, was simply perfect for moving and interpreting movements as a mime.

All the shots were shot on film, and so there was a lot of holding, balancing, and experimenting in order to get the shot! Thankfully, my years of dance and ballet helped out with that. It is always so special to me to be able to work with a photographer like Jackie Kursel, who appreciates movement in her work. It is also fun getting to interpret the characters I am cast as, and I enjoy experimenting with movements that I feel are part of the person whom I am intended to "be".

Schön Magazine describes the publication as follows....

“It’s a Schön! online editorial talent show! Join this cast of characters, shot by Jackie Kursel, as they show off their magic tricks, pantomime, musical skills and more. Stylist Jessi Frederick sets up models Michelle, Alexa, Anneliese and Gianna for the perfect opening night with pieces from Acne Studios, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander and others. Hair is by Jessica Dylan Hwang and make up is by Yui Ishibashi using MAC Cosmetics.”

Everyone involved with the creation of this “Editorial Talent Show” is so incredibly talented in their craft. I am thankful to work with such artistic individuals in my industry who inspire me daily. Thank you to the entire team for being so fun and positive to work with! It was an honor to be your mime 🖤