• Anneliese Aeria

iMirage Magazine Issue 334

I am so excited to share with you my most recent publication for iMirage Magazine! This issue is called “Beauty Story”, and my story in the mag is titled “Alter Ego”.

The photographer, visionary, and artist behind the whole story, “Alter Ego”, is Eve Liu. Eve is an incredible model, photographer, retoucher, artist, you name it! Getting to work with Eve on this project was so interesting from the stand point that when we were in shots together, she was still shooting the pictures too! She even shot her solo pics featured in this issue as well.

Eve has a knack for creating stories, and putting it all together into a finished product.

The title of our story, “Alter Ego”, speaks to me, as I feel that it can be interpreted in so many different ways. In my daily world, I see a lot of alter ego’s. To me, an alter ego presents when a person portrays themselves in a certain way in some situations or around specific people, yet the same person has actions that are opposite or different in a different setting. Many people I’ve encountered through work, school, and through out life have displayed alter ego’s, and I think that learning to navigate through varied personalities takes time and patience. There’s a yin and a yang feeling present in our daily lives, and at times we may feel this battle between our own alter ego’s inside of us. Having the opportunity to create that through this story was like no other.

While Eve and I have some similar characteristics, there’s a difference in personality, look, and vibe which I think she wanted to portray through this story. Also, some may interpret it as showing the struggle of dark and light with in one person. That’s one of the things which is so brilliant to me about this story. The fact that an “Alter Ego” can be interpreted and mean so many different things…

Thank you to the entire team for working so incredibly hard on this project!


Hair/Makeup- Vivian Wang and Meeza Gee

Nails- Frances Liang

Photographer/Stylist- Eve J. Liu

Agency- Nova Management