• Anneliese Aeria

Tips + Tricks to be Your Most Productive Self

In this day and age productivity is at the utmost importance. Our world seems to be going at an increasingly fast pace, and at times it can be hard to keep up. Yet, there is no need to fear! With these helpful (and quite simple) tips and tricks that I follow daily, you will be able to enhance your productivity, and tackle all that you want to get accomplished. So, lets jump right in!

1. Write it Down

Before I go to bed each night, or first thing in the morning, I use the reminder app on the iPhone to make a list of everything I want to accomplish that day. I order my tasks in the order I want to complete them in. I know this seems quite intuitive, but you would be surprised at what a huge difference it will make in your day to day. Plus, it is so satisfying to press the little button that fills in the circle, showing you have completed that task!

2. Get Moving

First thing in the morning I love to work out and just move! This quite literally gets you up and moving, wakes your body up, and setting this time aside for your self will give you time to think. This time in the morning is some of the quietest time I have all day. It's before my day has truly started, before emails start coming in, and allows me to wake up fully, preparing me for what ever my day may hold.

3. Purchase a Planner

Having a planner is so essential for increasing productivity. A planner allows you to not only plan out the future, and keep tabs on the day to day, but also works as a record of the past. Looking back through old planners, I am able to see when and where stuff happened, how long it took, and if I can somehow be more efficient in the future! A major bonus is finding an aesthetically pleasing planner! Having a planner that is both beautiful, and brings you joy, makes it so much more motivating to use. Some of my best planner finds have been at: Anthropologie, Paper Source, and Ban.Do.

4. Have Some Caffeine

With all the health rumors out there with conflicting opinions on if caffeine is good or bad, my personal opinion is DRINK UP (although in moderation ;))). No matter if you drink coffee, matcha, tea, etc. having some type of caffeine to start your day, and/or while you work will surely aid in making it a speedier process. Every morning I always enjoy black coffee! It gives me the little boost I need to just jump right into my day. Although, I do advise all to be weary of sugar loaded coffees, and lattes as those will you give you a spike in energy, only to be followed by a detrimental sugar crash. This sugar crash alone can throw a wrench in your productivity, and leave you feeling yucky and tired for the rest of the day.

5. Eliminate Distractions

If your like me and live in a full house, or simply a noisy environment, then noise and distractions can be abundant. This is a sure fire way to decrease productivity. Getting away from distractions by going outside, to a coffee shop, putting in earbuds, moving rooms, etc. will allow you to be able to think and be with your thoughts.

6. It's Okay to Say No

This is something I have come to learn over time, and has helped me greatly. It is OKAY to say no sometimes! When plans come up, and you feel obligated or pressured to go, yet, deep down you just have too much to do or simply don't want to go, it's completely okay to not go, or ask for a rain check. There are times when it is healthy to take a break. We ALL need breaks, to have fun, and live life! Yet, there are times when it will pay off in the long run to simply say no to the invite, and take some time to yourself to rest, or get that work done!

7. Get Those Z's

I can't emphasize enough how crucial sleep is to productivity levels! If I am personally overtired, or simply didn't get enough sleep, then I am more likely to not feel as motivated to follow my to do list, or complete what I need to. In my dream world, I get at least 10 hours each night, yet, with early call times, getting home late from work/castings, or other life commitments that just doesn't happen on the reg. So, my advice is simply do your best when it comes to getting enough sleep! Everyone's schedules differ, but planning what time you want to go to bed, and wake up, and setting alarms for those times will give you a push in the right direction. Also, setting a limit on the amount of TV or social media usage you do at night will further increase the likely hood of you getting those very essential snoozes!

8. Take Advantage of your Commute

If you have even a 30minute commute, this can make a huge difference in what you do or don’t get accomplished in a day! When I’m in New York I take the train a lot. This time can add up, and by bringing my laptop, or what ever I need to work on, most of the time I can complete most everything leaving me with the rest of the day to focus on castings, work, or whatever I want to do!

9. Find a Source of Inspiration

We all know the feeling of getting stuck in a rut, unable to think up anything new, or having writers block. One of my solutions to this is to follow accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and/or blogs that inspire you. This will allow for a constant flow of new ideas, and will supply you with new inspirations to instill in the day to day.

P.s. stay tuned for my next blog where I will go into detail on my favorite sources of inspiration.

All in all, these are a few simple tips + tricks I live by to try and be as efficient, and productive as possible. While most are quite intuitive, it’s nice to be able to read over them again and go back to the basics. I hope you found this helpful, and stay tuned for much more!

-AA xo