• Anneliese Aeria

What I eat in a Day: NYC Model Edition

Happy Wednesday everyone!

The last few weeks I've been living in New York for work, and am spending an extended amount of time here working, casting, and testing with my new do as recently announced on my Instagram. (be sure to follow me at: @anneliese_aeria so you don't miss anything ;)) Upon popular requests, I will be sharing with you a rough outline of what I eat in a typical day while working in NYC. 

Breakfast: Okay, def my favorite meal of the day! I don't know about you, but I love my green smoothie every morning, yet, since I am in NY I don't have my blender. In that case, I've been enjoying yogurt with fruit and granola most mornings. I always use either Siggis 0% fat plain, Fage 0% fat plain, or plain Kite Hill almond milk yogurt. It just depends on which grocery store I am able to get to, and what is available to me. I insist on having plain non-fat greek yogurts in the mornings to keep sugar intake low, and use fruit/granola as my only sweetness. For fruit I typically rotate between honeydew melon, cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Regardless, it is always some-type of melon or berry. This is because both are lower in sugar as compared to other commonly consumed fruits such as apples, bananas, and citrusy fruits. Then, on top of my yogurt I have Purely Elizabeth Grain-Free Granola. I always opt for the Original flavor as I like to keep my flavors not to overwhelmingly complex. Plus, the original is so dang good! It's the perfect mix of lightly sweet with the smallest hint of salty all while having super clean ingredients. 

Lunch: For lunch I am typically on the go and in-between castings/meetings, so I try to prep a lunch the night before or in the morning. I pack an apple or a peach (both are easy to wash and throw in my bag and don't require a Tupperware or to be cut up), with a salad. My salad bowls vary greatly day to day. Yet, they will typically consist of some type of plant based protein or eggs and veggies. For example, this lunch bowl I filled the base of my bowl with baby spinach/steamed broccoli, and for protein added a Morning Star Farms Garden Veggie Patty, steamed edamame, and for some extra flavor Roots Spinach Hummus (from Whole Foods). Also, I alwaysssss drink tea with my lunch! On this day it was super hot, so I opted for an iced organic green tea.

Dinner: After a long day, I look forward to cooking my own dinner, and reflecting over my day! Lately I have been making a veggie sauté with a source of plant based protein or eggs, and some steamed sweet potatoe or rice cakes with hummus on top. I am constantly changing up my veggie varieties, and like to try to keep it to 3 different veggies in my sauté to keep it semi-simple and easier for digestion. It really just depends on what is in season, and what I have in the fridge! Pictured below, I made a veggie sauté consisting of: zucchini spirals, zig-zag cut carrots, asparagus, and Light Life Foods Original Tempeh. On the side, I boiled half a sweet potato, and sprinkled it with pepper. Now I know many people are very against eating carbs at night, and that it is a common conception in the health community that "eating carbs at night is bad". Yet, I  believe that everything in moderation is perfectly normal, and healthy! I have found that a bit of carbs at night allows me to sleep better. There are many varying views on this topic, and has been a lot of research, but this is just my personal opinion.

Snack: A bit before bed, I love to have 3-4 Organic Medjool Dates, some Greek yogurt, and tea. Dates are like dessert to me, and I would hands down choose them over anything else sweet!

So, to wrap up, this is a rough outline of what I eat in a day while in the city. What works for me, and what I like may not be the same as other's tastes, and that is totally okay because we are all different. Different people like different things, and some things work better for some than others. It's all about experimenting, finding what you like, and enjoying what makes you happy! I hope this inspires you, and feel free to reach out to me through DM, or on this site with any questions. Have a lovely week babes! 

-AA xox

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