• Anneliese Aeria

First Time Travels with Felicity

Happy Thursday everyone! This past week I was flown into New York for an exciting project with NARS Cosmetics. Just before this job came up, I began fostering a sweet, little rescue poodle named “Felicity”. I have quickly fallen in love. She is only 5lbs (full grown) and blends with my other love, Giselle, a rescued Persian, perfectly! When I first found out I would be flying to NY for a few days for work, my initial thought was, “omg I can’t leave Felicity!” So, I made a few calls, and got a ticket for felicity literally 10 minutes before leaving for the airport.

With Felicity in her fashionable black leather pet carrier (with a bow😉🎀) on one shoulder, and my tote bag on the other, we headed to he airport. Going through security I’m always a bit nervous that my bag may be pulled aside and ran-sacked or that I might have to have a pat down and be searched (it’s happened to me “randomly” 3 times in a row!!!!)... yet, this time, I felt quite at ease carrying felicity through the scanner. I even made fast friends with the TSA agent who has a mini poodle as well! We exchanged stories of our love for our pets briefly, and then we were off to board the plane. Once on the plane, Felicity was a perfect angel. I was nervous about bringing her to be honest, because I didn’t want to be that person on the plane with the continuously barking and crying dog or baby! I was pleasantly surprised, and so far, so good!

Day 2:

Waking up early for an early call time was so much more pleasant with Felicity at my side. Her sweet puppy kisses woke me up and that was so much better than an alarm! Also I soon found out that finding somewhere for a dog to use the bathroom in the city was a little bit harder than anticipated... we walked to the nearest park, we tried flower beds on the side and in the middle of roads, and... nothing!! Finally after walking for over 30min she went! Hallelujah!

Day 3, the final day for this trip with Felicity! She once again woke me up sweetly for my call time. After my work, I headed to the airport with Felicity and we had a successful trip home! I can’t wait to travel with her again and I look forward to the adventures we will have together❤️