• Anneliese Aeria

John Benton Fitness

As I began modeling, John Benton helped me to get into shape and taught me about health and fitness. His workouts are always challenging, yet, leave me feeling energized and stronger! John's all girl classes focus on fitness, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle, and work outs catering to the needs of each participant. Class sizes range from 2-12 and are highly personal, and positive. Simply going and listening to a workout would leave anyone with an abundance of new knowledge of health and fitness. With John's help, I have learned how to tweak my lifestyle to be healthier, happier, and a working model on both coasts!

His workouts consists of non-stop varied circuits, using minimal equipment. The circuits are a mix of cardio, abs, arms, and everything in between. Lots of his exercises target several important muscle groups at a time. For example, one exercise may work abs, arms, and inner thigh, all at the same time! Also, many of his ab exercises combine a great stretch too so that it will eventually create long, lean abs! (After all, who doesn’t want long lean abs?!) The exercise in the video below is a great one that targets arms and abs! You can try this one anywhere with the dumbbell for an extra burn in your arms, or without for a great ab burner. Additionally, most of John’s workouts can be done in a gym or in your hotel room! I love this because it is always a relief to me when I’m traveling for work, that I don’t have to worry about finding a gym.

My personal favorite, is boxing. Boxing is great cardio! As well as working your arms, abs (if you do low and wide punches), and it's great for hand-eye-coordination. In addition to these super benefits, boxing is a GREAT stress reliever! I promise that it will help you to deal with any feelings of anger or frustration in your life.

As John says, “A models career is either created or destroyed based on their hip and waist measurements.”, and that is why his workouts are so important and targeted specifically toward that goal and maintaining once you get to that goal. John Benton's workouts? I give it a 2 gloves up! ;)