• Anneliese Aeria

Everyone, meet Giselle!

If you follow me on Instagram (@anneliese_aeria ;)) you may have seen my recent post about my new kitty! I decided to give her the name of Giselle because when I was meeting her for the first time, she seemed to keep posing and she will lock eyes with you and give you the most intense, mesmerizing gaze. Also, when she walks, she seems to cross her paws and walk on her tip toes almost like she's doing a little "cat/model walk". So, because of all this, the name of one of the best fashion models ever, seemed to suit her. Giselle is a Persian/Maine Coon mix rescued by Merlin's Hope Rescue from Kuwait. She was one of several other kitties that were being sold at a "pet shop" and if by the end of the sale, there were still cats left, they would be left to die or put to sleep. That's when this group of amazing cat rescuers steps in and helps these cats have a better life here in the U.S. This honestly just breaks my heart that this is going on in the world. Rescues like Merlin's Hope are doing so much good for our pet community's and it is amazing to be able to be a part of it. So, if you or someone you know is interested in a Persian, Rag doll, or Maine Coon please check out Merlin's Hope Rag doll Rescue on Facebook ( ) and Instagram (@mragdoll).