• Anneliese Aeria

Baltic. Beets. Battle Star Galactica.

Just as the tittle of this post states, these are the three statements I would use to describe my trip to Lithuania! Well... except for the Battle Star Galactica part (I'm just a huge fan of "The Office" and Dwight Schrute). In all seriousness though, traveling to the Baltic was truly an amazing experience and getting to go back to my roots, with my family, was so meaningful. About the beets part... Lithuanians are known for loving beets! I, myself, am obsessed with them and can't get enough. One of the things I appreciate most about Lithuania and the Baltic, is their appreciation for beautiful architecture. While I was there I visited jaw-dropingly amazing churches, monasteries, castles, and the cutest little cities. The pictures below are just a tiny glimpse of Lithuania's beauty. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Lithuania, I highly recommend it... and I promise, you too, will fall in love with its rich history, culture, and architecture.