About Anneliese

Anneliese Aeria is a model, actress, and dancer based in New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles. She works in a variety of markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Her focus is on high fashion, where her gift of fluid movement features a garment in it’s best light. 

Anneliese says, “When I model, I study an article of clothing, and the designer. My work becomes a focused communication of the designer’s intention. I ‘become’ a person whom I envision will ultimately be wearing the garment at their confident best. Modeling for me is a creative symphony that combines physicality, action, and being the character who wears the garment as an art piece. Through subtle, deliberate, yet, natural movements, I showcase the fabric’s construction, a garments lines, angles, and flow.”


Anneliese also plays the cello and has studied classical music from an early age. Other musical instruments that she plays include the drums, piano, and the guitar. Additionally, Anneliese was also inspired to become a vocal talent. She is privileged to have trained in voice with the “greats” such as Heidi Burton, Bridgette Hammer, and Linda Septien.  Anneliese has also studied classical ballet since the age of 3, and attended Booker T Washington High School for Performing and Visual Arts. She continues to stay rooted in her dance background and has enjoyed branching out into other forms of dance such as hip-hop, modern, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, and African dance. Anneliese credits her dance exposure, music training, and work as an actress for her ease of movement in-front of a camera. 


Anneliese AERIA, born in Dallas, Texas, is of Lithuanian/Eastern European, Latina, and Asian, descent. As the daughter of two veterinarians, she grew up surrounded by almost every kind of animal from snakes, pigs, ferrets, and chickens to dogs and cats. Committed to helping homeless pets, her rescued pet family includes a Rag-doll Persian Mix that was abandoned at a flea market in Kuwait, and formerly stray miniature *party* Poodle. 


When she is not performing, or with her pets, Anneliese enjoys working out, yoga, and is a creative vegetarian  chef in her kitchen where the presentation of her dishes is as important as the quality of the ingredients she chooses for her recipes. As of May 2020, Anneliese has graduated with her degree in Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship from The University of Texas. Beginning in the Summer of 2020, she will continue her studies at Texas A&M International University to complete her Masters Degree in Business all online. Because of her love of animals, marketing studies, and immersed life in the fashion industry, Anneliese launched and founded the brand, AAPETPEOPLE in January 2020. AAPETPEOPLE offers an invitation to join  an inclusive and diverse community of pet lovers who have inspiring lifestyles, creativity and varied backgrounds. The brand is socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible and benefits society as a whole.


Anneliese believes in hard work, and enjoys health, beauty, and fashion creativity in her work as a model. She is an avid fashion researcher, blogger, entrepreneur, and artist.  She studies the work of individual designers and takes pride in communicating their artistic vision.

Education & Training


Booker T. Washington High-school for the Performing and Visual Arts



Warner Loughlin

Comedy Coaching (LA)

Michael Woolson

Private Acting Coaching (LA)

Cody Linley

Private Acting Coaching for Film (LA/TX)

Voices Carey (Bruce Carey)

Private VO training: commercial/ AG/ Film

Nancy Chartier

Private Acting Coaching

Linda Septien

Voice Training

Ned Lott

Voice Over Workshop

Wendy Faraone

Private LA Acting Coaching

New York Film Academy

Improv/Open Scene Classes

Chris Ann Seay

Commercial Acting

Chris Ann Seay

Assorted Workshops

Cathryn Sullivan

Acting for Film I-V

Margo Manning

Private and Group Coaching

Carter School of Dance

Multi-disciplinary Dance

Contemporary Ballet Dallas


CBD Senior Youth Ballet Company


Naldo Posella

Suzuki Cello/Piano

Bill Malloy


Heidi Burton

Private Vocal Coaching

Bridgette Hammer

Private Vocal Coaching

8 & 1 Dance Company


Vicki Bauman

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Melissa Berger

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Mitchell Gossett

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Patrick Baca

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Jenna Johnson

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Harriet Greenspan

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Cory Roggen

Multi-disciplinary Acting

Chris Ann Seay

Multi-disciplinary Acting